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Manage Your Human Resources with Awesome CEKLOK Features

Create Business needs a lot off effort and budget.
CEKLOK offers you the best options you can have for your business

Best pricing plans for you


A perfect price for ability and agility

Pay Monthly

Pay Yearly
(save 4%)


Are you a startup that's just starting,
home industry?
This is perfect for you


For a growing company,
managing your team
will be easier


Full support from CEKLOK
for companies that are


Every feature you can customize
guarantees efficacy in the
process of millions of data.
All you can access in one platform

PricingFREERp 1,500,000Rp 2,100,000Rp 2,400,000
PricingFREERp 18,000,000Rp 25,200,000Rp 28,800,000
Maximum Employees3999499Unlimited
Web Platform
Mobile Platform
Manage employee data,
job settings and benefits
Access Security
Management / Auth
Manage Absence for
online and offline
Advanced Reporting
Manage Leave
Manager Overtime
Manage Lettering,
Documents and Broadcasts
Manage Employee Travel
Manage Asset Company
and Employee
Manage SOP
every departement
Employee Needs /
Man Power Analysis
Assesment Module
Manage External Training
Manage Internal Training
Approval Program Completion

Service Addons

Helpdesk SupportTicketing,
Working Hours
Working Hours
24 Hours
Dedicated Operational
24 Hours
Custom Feature
Data Migration Capability
Data Backup
Backup Capacity
50 GB100 GB
Backup time
Monthly BackupMonthly Backup

Frequent Question

You can read this FAQ section to answer your question

I just started doing business, which package is right for me?

You can try the FREE package and it is free, or you can directly use the MEDIUM package because this package is highly recommended for growing companies.

Is there a discount for me?

Yes, you can contact our business team to get special discounts, or get direct discounts when you subscribe to an annual plan.

How long does it take to implement the system in my company?

You can immediately use CEKLOK directly after you register company information with us through the form provided.

If i have problems, how can i contact?

We provide a CS team that is always online and ready to help with any of your problems, use the Live Chat feature that we have provided in the lower right corner.